Kinsie’s Newborn Photo Session

I am so lucky that my sister, Krista, offered to do our maternity photos AND Kinsie’s newborn photos. She has done such an amazing job on all of them! She also took pictures of our birth experience, which as you saw in my previous post, are amazing as well! Krista is 35 weeks pregnant with her second child, is in the process of moving into a new house, and has an almost 2 year old son, so needless to say, she has been VERY busy…yet she still made the time to take these pictures for us, and did so with a smile and a loving heart!  THANK YOU Krista for being so wonderful and helping me with so much throughout my pregnancy and as a new mom!

Although newborn pictures look so sweet and peaceful, they are usually much more stressful to actually take! Between trying to keep them asleep and happy, maneuvering them to the positions you want, and having them pee or poop on the blankets and baskets, it is quite a task! During our photo session, Kinsie mainly just wanted her pacifier the entire time and would wake up and get mad if we tried to take it from her. She also has this obsession with putting her hands on her face, so we had to hold her hands down quite a bit. Other than that, she was a winner! Here are her newborn photos…

Kinsie Newborn-1

Cousin Briggs picking out a good book to read to his baby Kinsie

Kinsie Newborn-5 Kinsie Newborn-6 Kinsie Newborn-7

Admiring his baby bousin

Kinsie Newborn-9 Kinsie Newborn-11 Kinsie Newborn-12 Kinsie Newborn-13 Kinsie Newborn-14 Kinsie Newborn-15 Kinsie Newborn-18 Kinsie Newborn-20 Kinsie Newborn-23

Kinsie Newborn-24

Kinsie Newborn-25 Kinsie Newborn-26 Kinsie Newborn-28 Kinsie Newborn-30

Kinsie Newborn-31

Kinsie Newborn-35 Kinsie Newborn-37

Kinsie Newborn-40 Kinsie Newborn-41 Kinsie Newborn-42 Kinsie Newborn-44 Kinsie Newborn-46 Kinsie Newborn-47Kinsie Newborn-49

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