Zoo Baby

A few days before Christmas, Krista and her Ryan wanted to take Briggs to Christmas at the zoo. My parents were going to come too and invited us to come along. I figured, “Sure, why not?” Kinsie likes Christmas lights so maybe she’ll like it. It was a perfect night to go since it wasn’t too cold and it was one of the first days in a week when it wasn’t raining. When we got there, we browsed around for a while and Kinsie enjoyed her stroller ride while looking at Christmas lights. Then a random man came up to us and said that he had extra tickets to the dolphin show that his family wasn’t going to use, so we went to the show. As we were waiting for it to start, Kinsie started getting fussy. I started to get nervous because I knew she might be getting hungry soon and I didn’t want to have to leave the show and travel all the way back to the car to feed her. Ryan took her out of her car seat so she could look around and hopefully she’d stay distracted enough until we were done with the show. As soon as Kinsie saw the dolphins and all the lights, she was completely mesmerized! She sat on Ryan’s lap and watched the entire show! I couldn’t believe it, because like most 3 month olds, her attention span isn’t very long, but she could have watched those dolphins all day long!

After the show, we went to the area with all the aquariums. Again, we took her out of her carseat and let her look around. She was in love! She watched sting rays, fish, penguins, sharks and more. I had never seen her so enthralled! It made me so happy that my baby was so happy. I knew she liked fish because we have an aquarium at home for our goldfish, but I had no idea the extent to which she liked fish. Ryan and I plan to have a bigger aquarium someday (and name all the fish after Harry Potter characters…we know we’re cool), and when we do, Kinsie will probably want to watch it all day long!

Every day, I learn more and more about my little girl and the personality that she is developing. That night, I learned about my daughter’s love for animals, just like her dad. I also learned that we will definitely need to invest in zoo passes in the near future for our little zoo baby! On the way home, my heart was so happy and my love tank was full. I got to spend an awesome night with my family and watch my daughter explore the world around her with a look of wonder in her eyes. God is so good!

kinsie 2-3 month_153 kinsie 2-3 month_156

Enjoying all of the Christmas lights with cousin Briggs

kinsie 2-3 month_161 kinsie 2-3 month_162

Mesmerized at the dolphin show

kinsie 2-3 month_165 kinsie 2-3 month_164 kinsie 2-3 month_166

Loving the sting rays!

kinsie 2-3 month_171 kinsie 2-3 month_173

kinsie 2-3 month_175 kinsie 2-3 month_178

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