Beautiful Things

I wanted to share one of the best gifts I received this Christmas. It was from my sister, Krista. She created a video of Kinsie’s birth day, the greatest day of our lives. I had asked Krista and my mom to be in the delivery room when Kinsie was born, and I wanted my sister to capture Kinsie’s first breath on camera. She took it a step further and made this amazing video. I still cry every time I watch it! 

For those of you who are pregnant now, or will be someday, this video also shows how peaceful and non-dramatic my birth  experience was…with the help of an epidural! Don’t get me wrong, I praise those women who go natural, but I will be the first to admit that I couldn’t handle it! It was my preference to have an epidural, and I was very happy with my decision because I was able to enjoy the experience and REST, which was essential considering I went into labor around 11pm and never went to bed that night. 

Although this is a birth video, don’t worry, it is completely “G” rated! 🙂 Enjoy!


Thank you, my beautiful sister for this wonderful gift. I will cherish it for the rest of my life!

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