7 Month Smiles

Our beautiful baby girl is 7 months old! How is that even possible?! Watching her grow has been the greatest experience of my life. I feel so blessed that I get to be her mom and hang out with her every day. She is honestly so much fun to be around, and her smile and laugh are contagious! Here is the update on our little bug:

  • She can finally sit up on her own.
  • She loves to be held all the time, but has to be walking around.
  • She loves going to church every Sunday.
  • She sometimes rolls over in her sleep, which makes her mom nervous.
  • She isn’t crawling yet, but rolls, pivots, and scoots backwards.
  • Her eyes are starting to change from blue to hazel.
  • She often gets nervous and cries when she meets new people.
  • She has liked all solids that she’s tried except for bananas. Her favorites are pears and apples.
  • She likes to throw her toys around and bang them against things.
  • She LOVES hanging out with her cousins.
  • She laughs all the time.
  • She is becoming more and more of a cuddler.

7 months_14

7 months_21

iphone pics_11 sbpics_7

iphone pics_6 iphone pics_2


7 months_13

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