10 Month Babe

It doesn’t even seem real that in 2 months, my baby girl will be 1 year old! Hopefully in 2 months, I’ll be ready to accept that reality. Kinsie has hit a lot of milestones this past month. Lately she’s been acting less like a baby and more like a toddler. Yikes! She is constantly on the move…if I turn my back for 2 seconds, she is half way across the room getting into the dog’s food! She definitely keeps us busy every day, but she also knows how to keep us smiling!

At 10 months old, Kinsie…

  • Can officially crawl…and never stops.
  • Can pull herself up…and tries to every chance she gets.
  • Can stand independently for up to 10 seconds.
  • Has her third and fourth tooth.
  • Knows what the word “no” means and doesn’t like it.
  • Loves eating table food.
  • Waves “hi” and “bye.”
  • Can say “mama” and “dada.”
  • Often screams when she’s happy…which causes her cousin Briggs to call her an ostrich.
  • Sleeps with her butt up in the air.
  • Loves reading stories before bed with her mom and dad.

10 months_18-2

10 months_12-2


july4phone_11 phone july_2

phone july_27 phone july_34


phone july_12 phone july_18


This girl is just too much fun!

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