11 months down…one to go!

Is this real life? It doesn’t seem real that my baby is going to be one year old in just one month. I feel like just within the last few days, she is looking so much less like a baby and more like a little girl. She has been making leaps and bounds in her physical and verbal development lately. She’s talking up a storm and clearly trying to communicate with us. She’s not walking yet but with all the standing and moving around she does, she’s definitely on her way. I started school at the beginning of the month and of course I miss her like crazy when I am gone…but one of my new favorite things is seeing her face when I come to pick her up. She lights up and crawls to me as fast as she can. I honestly never get tired of her presence. She could light up anyone’s day! How did Ryan and I get so lucky to be the parents of such an awesome little girl?!


Kinsie’s updates at 11 months old…

  • She has 7 teeth
  • She loves table food. Some of her favorite foods are avocados, carrots, and blueberry waffles
  • She loves to stand up
  • She likes to throw all of her toys out of the toy basket
  • She knows “more” in sign language
  • She can say “Uh-oh”
  • She is constantly mimicking words we say (her newest favorite word to say is “polar bear”)
  • She loves to roar like a monster
  • She dances to a rhythm
  • She loves to wave to people and always makes new friends at restaurants and stores
  • She finally claps…but she learned around the same time as learning “more” in sign language, so she often claps when she wants more food


11 months_11-2

11 months_12-2

august_23 augustiphone_1

augustiphone_2 class_6


class_3 photo 3

11 months_9-2

Always cheesin!

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