Make her a Mosier

On Saturday, August 9, my beautiful sister-in-law, Megan got married! Ryan, Kinsie and I were all lucky enough to be a part of Megan and Tim’s special day. Ryan was a groomsman, I was a bridesmaid and Kinsie was the flower girl. It was an absolutely beautiful ceremony and reception. The week leading up to the wedding was very emotional draining for us losing Diane and saying goodbye to her at her funeral, so we were very grateful that we got to end the week with a celebration. We definitely needed to smile and be reminded of how beautiful life can be.

I loved getting to spend the day with Megan and the rest of the bridesmaids. Megan and I have always been close since Ryan and I have been together so long. Megan has 2 brothers, so I’ve always been able to play the role of a sister for her that she never had. We are ridiculously similar…both in our looks and our personalities. People mistake us for sisters all the time. Megan has such a genuine, kind and gentle heart with a strong love for Jesus. Sometimes we call her “Mother Megan,” after Mother Teresa, because she is so kind and selfless. I’ve always been protective of Megan because I knew she deserved the absolute best and I never wanted anyone to hurt her. When we first met Tim, we knew she couldn’t have found a better match for herself. He is kind and easy-going who also puts his faith first. Megan and Tim compliment each other perfectly and bring out each other’s best qualities. The ceremony represented them and their relationship perfectly…elegant and genuine. Megan was an absolutely stunning bride. Tim is a very lucky man…but I’m sure he already knows that!








Kinsie was the flower girl and she rode down the aisle in a wagon pulled by Briggs (who was the ring bearer) and her cousin Kennedy. I know most moms of flower girls would say this, but Kinsie was the best little flower girl ever! She did an awesome job smiling and waving at the crowd as she rode down the aisle. She got a little noisy during the ceremony but only because she was excited to see her Aunt Megan get married! Briggs and Kennedy deserve some major brownie points also on doing an awesome job pulling the wagon. The combination of those 3 put a smile on everyone’s face at the ceremony!




After all the excitement from the ceremony, my mom drove Kinsie to the reception so Ryan and I could ride with the bridal party. Kinsie passed out as soon as she got in the car, and stayed asleep through dinner at the reception. When she woke up, it was party time! She had a blast dancing with everyone, visiting all the aunts, uncles and cousins, and watching the bubbles during Megan and Tim’s sendoff. She stayed up and partied for the rest of the reception. Even on the drive home, she sang to us for half the drive until she finally passed out. She’s used to going to bed around 8pm, but hey, your aunt Megan only gets married once, so live it up! She ended up staying up past 11pm! She did so well the entire day…she sure knew how to make her mommy and daddy proud!







Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Mosier! I can’t wait to see the beautiful journey God has in store for you in your new life together! We love you!


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