Kinsie Kay is ONE!

Happy 1st birthday to my little sunshine, Miss Kinsie Kay! I cannot believe it was one year ago today that my baby girl entered the world and completely stole our hearts. She has already become such an amazing little girl who is fascinated by the world around her, and we love watching her unique personality develop and change every day. She has never failed to brighten up each and every day that she is in my presence. The last 365 days have been an unbelievable adventure with our little bug, and I cannot wait to continue the ride!

Our little girl LOVES any and all kinds of animals. She chases around the dogs and loves watching our 18 fish (yes…18). Her favorite places to visit are the zoo and the pet store. We will probably end up with a zoo in our backyard someday.

Lately she has had a particular interest in bears. She has a documentary about bears that she watches and tries to climb the entertainment center to get to the bears on the TV!

Kinsie is a complete water bug. Whether it is the bath, the pool, the rain, her sippy cup..she doesn’t care. She loves it all.

Kinsie has become quite the little talker. She is constantly talking, singing and mimicking any sounds she hears. Her favorite words to say are polar bear, fish, yep, and bye bye.

Our girl has recently discovered a love for music and dancing. Anytime she hears music come on, she immediately starts dancing! Her favorite dancing song is “Elmo’s Song.”

Kinsie loves books. She gets pumped during story time before bed. She loves turning the pages, and she dances to the rhythms of the rhyming stories. We are hoping that her love for books continues as she gets older!

Kinsie is a great eater. She loves blueberry waffles, Hawaiian bread, and pretty much any kind of fruit. She has always been good at eating her veggies until lately, so now we are having to get creative and mix them in other foods. She eats way too fast (she definitely got that from her dad). We are trying to teach her to put one piece of food in her mouth at a time!

Like both her mom and dad, Kinsie loves to learn. She likes to watch and take things in. Whenever she plays, she analyzes everything and tries to figure out how it works. When she gets a new toy, she’ll inspect it, shake it, bang it against something else, and usually tastes it as well. Right now she is on a kick where she puts her smaller toys into a bucket, then takes them all out, then puts them in again.

Kinsie is a very social little girl. She loves to talk to people, wave to everyone, and is always making new friends. Anywhere we go, she makes lots of friends by showing off her sweet smiles, giggles, and waves.

12 months_9-2

12 months_19-2

ONE collage


kinsiekay-one_23-2   kinsiekay-one_33-2



KinsieisONE-82   KinsieisONE-75







Thank you to my sister, Krista for taking Kinsie’s 1 year photos!

Here is a video that summarizes the past year with our little bug. Enjoy!


12 months_17-2

Happy birthday, my sweet Kinsie! Thank you for the best year yet!

We love you!

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