Kinsie at a Glance: 18 Months

It just doesn’t seem real to me that I have a 1.5 year old. But this is real life! My little ball of sunshine just turned 18 months old. Kinsie is too much fun to be around. Her little personality is infectious and she just makes life more fun. God blessed me more than I ever deserve when He made me her mom!

Life with a toddler is…in a word…exhausting! If anyone needs to lose weight, just chase my daughter around for a few weeks! She definitely keeps me on my toes. It has been a long winter being stuck playing inside with such an active child…especially with our tiny house. She only has so much room to run around, and only so many toys to play with (which is a lot…but she still becomes bored with them after so long!) Luckily she gets a change of scenery between our house and both grandmas houses. This girl has needed some fresh air, and she is finally starting to get it with the nicer weather slowly creeping back. Now that I’m on Spring Break, summer is already on my radar and I am counting down the days that I can spend all day with my little BFF.

Here are some updates on Kinsie at 18 months:

  • Her vocabulary is flourishing. She is becoming a little parrot and repeating everything we say!
  • She has a name for all the people she loves. We are Daddy and Mom.
  • She  knows all her animals and they sounds they make.
  • She knows all of her main body parts and can point to them.
  • Some of our favorite Kinsie words include:
    • “nack” (translation: snack)
    • “ish” (translation: fish)
    • “pup” (referring to any dog)
    • “yeah” (and sometimes “yyyep”)
    • “Cout” (translation: her stuffed bear named Scout)
    • “Animal” (really its more the way she says it that’s cute)
  • Her favorite book is Jump Pup.
  • Her favorite movie is 101 Dalmatians, which she calls “Pups.” I can’t even count how many times she’s made us watch it.
  • Her favorite TV shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Doc McStuffins.
  • She loves Elmo. We never introduced her to Sesame Street, she just kinda picked it up on her own. She always says his name in a high-pitched sing songy voice.
  • Her favorite foods are applesauce, pickles and cheese sticks.
  • Her favorite song is “If You’re Happy and You Know it,” and the ABC song.
  • She still loves bath time. As soon as she hears me turn the water on, she’ll stop what she’s doing and run in the bathroom screaming happily.
  • She still loves reading books. Sometimes she wants to sit on our laps while we read to her, and other times she likes to sit and read on her own (reading = talking jibberish on each page)
  • She loves playing doctor. Her daddy has taught her how to use the tools in her doctor kit, so she is constantly checking my ears, eyes and heart.
  • She is starting to really enjoy art. She loves coloring, painting, stickers, and stamps.
  • She has an unhealthy obsession with brushing her teeth. Grandma Bev bought her a bear that sings a song about brushing teeth, so now we have to listen to the song every time she brushes her teeth while we all dance around.
  • She loves kicking soccer balls and just started her first soccer class.
  • She is in the early stages of potty training. Whenever she is making her potty face and her grunting sounds, we put her on the potty. She is always so proud and loves waving bye-bye as we flush it down the toilet. We are working with her on telling us when she needs to go. Sometimes she tells us, sometimes she’s just too busy playing.
  • She is going through a mama’s girl phase. She has to always know where I am, she follows me around, and is constantly climbing and rolling all over me. Of course I don’t mind!
  • Whenever she plays with her toy phone, she is always calling Daddy.
  • She enjoys sneaking onto my phone and taking selfies. No joke.

iphone_winter_15_39 iphone_winter_15_25


Just sitting on the potty trimming her toenails!




science_day_53 science_day_54

science_day_59 science_day_48

I am not much of a selfie person, but who doesn’t like Kinsie selfies?


Those eyes!

lil kickers_collage
Loving her first Lil’ Kickers class


Waving to her fan club

Kinsie-18_months-1-39 Kinsie-18_months-1-4

Kinsie-18_months-1-6 Kinsie-18_months-1-40




Happy 18 Months our sweet sunshine!!

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