In Memory of our Sweet Bailey

Those of you who are dog lovers like me probably know how hard it is to lose a pet. Some people even consider their pet as a true member of the family, and when that pet passes, you feel a similar grief that you might if you lost a loved one. Almost 2 weeks ago, my family had to say goodbye to our beloved, sweet Bailey after 13.5 years of being a part of our family. Bailey was so special to us. Krista and I always considered her our other sister. She was spunky, rambunctious, and unbelievably loyal. She had a way of melting the hearts of anyone in her presence, even if they weren’t a “dog person.” Most people who knew her associate her with the pool. Bailey LOVED to swim. She was always the first one in the pool in the morning each summer, and the last one out each evening. Neighborhood kids would want to come swimming at our pool just to swim with Bailey. She was so special to so many people, and she will always remain a part of my heart forever. How could she not, considering I spent more than half of my life with her by my side at the time of writing this.


A few of my favorite Bailey memories…

  • When our last dog, Whitney, passed away, our house felt so empty and sad, so we went to a farm in Richmond, IN just to look around at some Jack Russel Terriers. We had no intent on coming home with a new dog that day. The main litter we went there to look at were kind of rat-like and yappy…so we weren’t interested. As we were walking back to our car, we saw a cage that appeared to be empty, but then a sweet little pup poked her head from behind a curtain, and instantly we were in love. We took her home with us that day.
  • When Bailey was just a puppy, my sister and I were supposed to be cleaning the bonus room for an upcoming family party. However, instead of cleaning, we decided to dress Bailey up, create a full backdrop out of construction paper, and have a photo shoot.
  • Every year, as soon as the pool was opened for the first time after winter, Bailey would jump in before it was even cleaned or heated. She didn’t care that the water was freezing and there were still worms in the pool…she clearly wanted to be the first one in each season.
  • Before Krista went to college, we took Bailey to Hummel Park to have a “sister play date.” We had a picnic and even let her swim in the creek!
  • When Ryan and I were in high school, we had a snow day so we spent most of the day creating a tunnel in the snow for Bailey to run through.
  • One time we took Bailey to the dunes of Lake Michigan. She loved running through the sand and playing in the water. Our aunt ran down a huge hill and Bailey followed her all the way down and back up. She was always quite the athletic pup!
  • Whenever I was home from college during the summer, Bailey would wake up early to go outside, then come upstairs and lay in bed with me until I got up. She always had to sleep right in between my legs!
  • One year we spent almost 2 weeks at our condo in Siesta Key during Christmas break, so we took Bailey with us even though dogs were not allowed there. This was one of my all-time favorite trips. Whenever we needed to take her out, we would put her in a Vera Bradley duffle bag and run her downstairs to the car so nobody would see her. At the beginning of the week she always fought getting in the bag, but by the end of the week, whenever we said “time to go potty,” she’d run and climb into the bag! Bailey absolutely loved the dog beach and the marina.
  • When Briggs was born, Bailey was always very protective of him. She’d always sit by him and keep an eye on him. Because of this, she earned the nickname “Nana,” like the dog from Peter Pan. She continued her duty when Kinsie and Kerigan were born too. Whenever my mom watches the kids and takes pictures of them, Bailey is often photobombing because she was always nearby to make sure the babies were ok.

Below is a video to honor our sweet Bailey. If you were one of the lucky ones to know her, leave a comment with your favorite Bailey memory. Enjoy!

Spring has sprung!

I am so excited that it is finally SPRING!!! While this past winter wasn’t near as bad as last year, it is always so refreshing to be done with the cold, dreary winter in Indiana…especially when you have a crazy toddler and a very small house! We took her out to play in the snow one day, and she was less than thrilled. She didn’t mind sitting in her little car, or when we held her, but she wasn’t crazy about playing or even standing in the snow. She’s definitely my child!


Kinsie has been pumped about the fact that we can go outside and play now. She makes sure I take her out every possible chance we get. I had a 2-week spring break, which is always much needed. The first week was cold and rainy, so Kinsie and I had to get creative on how to spend our days. We spent a few days in Muncie with Ryan, went shopping, and watched “Pups” (101 Dalmatians) a few more hundred times. Even when it was raining, she was always looking out the window telling me she wanted to go “outhide,” or go “wee” (swing). So of course as soon as the rain stopped and the temperatures broke 50 degrees, we were outside and she was in heaven. We have a great fenced-in backyard with lots of stuff to entertain her. She loves sidewalk chalk, bubbles, her water table, and finding leaves, rocks, sticks, and worms! Yes, this girl likes to make friends with worms.


outside_collage-3 Kinsie_18_month_44



Kinsie is obsessed with going to the playground. She loves to swing and go down the slide. Her newest thing is going down the slide head first. Of course we are always waiting at the bottom to catch her though! Spring break_117


We also had a very busy and beautiful Easter weekend. Kinsie is getting to the age where she understands so much more and is so much fun during holidays. She was really into all the eggs and bunnies (she calls them “hop hops”). While we were in Muncie, we went to the mall and I’ve always thought the Easter bunny was kinda creepy, but she saw it and loved it! She kept yelling “hop hop!” and laughed when it waved to her. On Easter Sunday, we went to church and heard another amazing service with 138 baptisms over the entire weekend! After church we had brunch and an Easter egg hunt at my sister’s house. The kids LOVED their Easter egg hunt! Kinsie literally could have done this all day.

After Kinsie’s nap, we went to Ryan’s aunt’s house where she got to do another Easter egg hunt and play with some of her cousins. Finally, we went to my parents house for dinner. Since the kids had so much fun with their egg hunt earlier, we had another one for them so they were pretty excited! Easter is such a special day to me because it is a reminder of the amazing grace that Jesus has for us. It is really important to me that Kinsie, and my future children understand why we celebrate Easter and what the Easter bunny and Easter eggs represent. As young as she is, I made a point to read books about the story of Easter and tell her all about Jesus. Hopefully as the years go on she will learn what it means to accept Jesus into her heart too. It was a busy Easter, but I was so grateful that we got to spend it with the people that we love most!


Spring break_130 april_4



Happy spring everyone!!