Maternity Photos

I wanted just a few maternity pictures this time around…mainly just to capture a few photos of our family dynamic before it changes again here in just a couple weeks when our little boy arrives, and my sister was kind enough to do that for us. As I’ve mentioned before, Kinsie usually doesn’t nap anymore, except in the car in the late afternoon. Earlier that morning, she had a little bit of a runny nose, but she was still acting like herself all day. We met my sister in a park about 10 minutes away, and of course Kinsie fell asleep on the way! We let her sleep in the car for a few minutes while we took a few pictures of just me and Ryan, then we woke her up when we were ready for her. When she woke up, she was miserable. Her nose was runnier than ever, she was cold, slightly feverish, and wouldn’t stop crying. I felt so bad for her since I knew she didn’t feel good, but I really didn’t want to have to reschedule because it was already hard enough finding an evening where we were all free and it wasn’t raining. We pulled all the stops…music, silly faces, a random stick from the woods, her blanket…not much was pleasing this kid. Somehow in the mix, we were able to get a few good ones. Of course her blanket is in all of them, but that is pretty typical of her right now. She’s OBSESSED with her blanket. Luckily we have two of that same one, so we are able to swap them out from time to time to wash them. The only way she wouldn’t cry in the pictures was to have that blanket wrapped around her, so that’s what we did! Let’s just say maternity photos with a second child are MUCH different than with the first, and you just have to get what you can get! Anyway, here are some of the good ones we were able to get!






2 thoughts on “Maternity Photos

  1. You may not understand how much grandmothers enjoy seeing pictures of their grandchildren until you are a grandparent yourself. Love them. Gramma Sue

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