“Lake-ation” All I Ever Wanted

As you know, I am on summer vacation and Ryan started his 4th year of med school at the beginning of June. Since Ryan didn’t really get time off for vacation, we still wanted to find a way for a “get away” with the kids, so we spent almost a week at the lake in between his June and July rotations. We had an amazing time! It was like we were on vacation, but we also felt very at home. Here are some of the highlights of the trip…


Surprised? Probably not! We love to fish and Kinsie has recently hopped on the bandwagon too. We fished off the dock. We fished on the pontoon. We fished near the marina. We fished as often as we could. Ryan had the best luck of all of us. We caught mostly bluegill and pumpkinseed fish, but also caught a catfish, a bass, and even a turtle!


Swimming in the Lake

We swam in the lake on several occasions. We took Kinsie to the “beach” of the lake, and she was not a fan of the sand on the beach (after feeling the sand at Siesta Key, who can blame her?) but she loved swimming! I’m sure that in another year or two, Brax will be right there with her!

lake swimming

Splash Pad

We took Kinsie to the splash pad at the clubhouse last year and she loved it, and of course she did again this year. Ryan had to go downtown for lecture on this day, so Grandma Bev, Uncle Nate and I took Kinsie to the pool area. She had a blast and Brax snoozed away!

splash pad


We took Kinsie tubing once last year during Memorial weekend (one of the busiest weekends at the lake…not sure what we were thinking) and the water was way too rough for even me, let alone our not even 2-year-old at the time. She wasn’t too crazy about it then. We tried it again during the week and she loved it! She wouldn’t let go of the handles for her life, but she definitely enjoyed herself. Brax enjoyed watching us tube from the boat. Again…in another year or two, I’m sure both kids will be little dare devils on the tube like their daddy and Uncle Nate were when they were young!


Riding on the Boat

This is always one of our favorite things to do. It is so relaxing and beautiful. We spent almost the entire day on the boat one day, and Brax took one of the best naps he’s ever had while on the boat. I joked that he and I would spend the night on the boat so I could get some sleep for once! We loved fishing off of the pontoon and watching the sun set into the lake. One night, my parents and niece and nephew came to visit, so the kids loved their boat ride together.



How could this not be one of the best parts of the trip? Cooking s’mores over the fire on a beautiful evening is always a good idea!


4th of July Fun

Every year we spend the Saturday of 4th of July weekend at the lake and watch the fireworks from the boat. A lot of Ryan’s family always comes and spends the day as well, and Kinsie had a blast with her cousins running around, fishing, and doing sparklers. We even got to meet the newest member of the family, Ryan’s cousin’s daughter, born 6 weeks after Brax. We all had a great day!


We had an awesome week. I was honestly really sad when it was time to go home. I didn’t get that feeling at the end of a vacation where you are excited to be home…I could have spent another month there! I am so grateful that we have this beautiful place available to us and that Ryan’s family always welcomes us there. It is one of our favorite places in the world and it  was the perfect little vacation for our family this summer.


Two Months of Brax

We are on to Month #2 for our boy Brax! He has made a lot of progress in the last month, and he is starting to develop his little personality. Kinsie is still in love with him and we are all pretty well acclimated to being a family of four.


Brax’s 2 Month Stats:

  • He weights 10 lbs, 12 oz. (25th percentile) and is 23.75 inches long (80th percentile).
  • His reflux is doing much better. He still spits up A LOT…but isn’t crying all day and night due to stomach pain anymore.
  • He had his first social smile at 5 weeks old and now he smiles all the time!IMG_4816 copy
  • He loves to watch Kinsie play.
  • He recognizes voices…especially mine, Ryan’s and Kinsie’s.
  • It is still hit or miss on when he has good nights. He usually goes about 4-5 hours in between feedings at night, but sometimes he likes to stay awake for those 4 or 5 hours. Those nights are not fun.
  • He loves attention. He is very happy if someone just sits and talks to him.
  • He loves stroller rides.Walks
  • His favorite color is green according to Kinsie.
  • He is starting to discover his voice by cooing all the time.
  • He loves looking at lights and ceiling fans.
  • He takes his best naps outside.iphone_june_127



Kinsie “helping” take Brax’s pictures



They are pretty tight.


Happy 2 months my sweet boy!