Our September

Our September was busy, exciting and hard. As I mentioned in my last post, Ryan was in Cincinnati for the majority of September. The kids and I stayed with my parents during this time…thank goodness for this, I probably would still be hiding in a hole somewhere had I dealt with the kids by myself the entire month. We all missed him, but Kinsie took it the hardest. Luckily, we stayed pretty busy throughout the month. Here is the rundown of our month…

Kinsie’s Soccer Season

This kept us very busy this month with practice twice a week and games on Saturdays. It was good for Kinsie though to be outside running around. It was a great season!



Grandparents Day

Kinsie’s school had Grandparents Day early in September. Both my parents and Ryan’s parents were able to make it, and I guess Kinsie was the only student in the school who had all 4 grandparents come! They all seemed to have a blast!


Birthday dinners

September is a busy birthday month for our family. My dad, my sister and Kinsie all have birthdays in September. On the evening of my dad’s birthday, we went out to dinner to celebrate the September birthdays.


Start of football season

These precious kids are enjoying dressing in their Colts gear and watching games with our family!


Cincinnati Zoo

This was one of the big highlights of the month. Since Ryan was in Cincinnati and couldn’t come home very often, we went to visit him and the zoo! Kinsie was super excited not only to see her daddy, but also to see her favorite animal, hippos! This was an AWESOME zoo and we had an amazing day.



Kinsie’s Birthday and Dinosaur Party

As you’ve probably seen in my previous posts, Kinsie turned three this month! We had a dinosaur party for her at the lake. It was a huge success!!


We had a great month, but like I said, it was hard not having a piece of our hearts with us. We are so glad to have Ryan back home and excited for the fall season!

Kinsie-saurus’s Dino Party

As you already know, Kinsie loves dinosaurs. This started around this time last year when we took her to the Children’s Museum for the first time and she loved the dinosaur exhibit. Ever since then, her love for dinosaurs has only grown. This year, when I asked her what kind of birthday party she wanted, without hesitation, she said she wanted a dinosaur party at the lake. So that’s what we did! We invited family and very close friends and the party was a huge success!




Grandma Bev helped make most of the food, Ryan carved the dinosaur watermelon, and Aunt Renata made the awesome dinosaur cookies! We ordered the cake from Shug’s Cakes.





“Kinsiesaurus” shirt made by Aunt Megan!

Some of the entertainment for the kids included digging for dino fossils in the sandbox, and the bounce house. We also had a dinosaur pinata that was a big hit! Dean ended up busting out the candy from the pinata!




Kinsie said her favorite part of the party was opening her presents. She got some awesome stuff! Ryan had to build new shelves in her room just so we could fit all her new toys in the house!


Our girl was pretty pumped about her dinosaur cake. When it was time for cake, the spot that we had set up was right in the sun, and I didn’t want to be in full sun for the pictures…so we moved the whole set up to the shade. Ryan (my brother-in-law) and Nate untied the banners from the tree and held them up over our new set up so we could have them in the cake pictures! World’s Best Uncles!


It was an awesome day! Kinsie had so much fun with the people she loves. Brax had a great time too in his little dinosaur hoodie! We are so appreciative to everyone to helped out and came to celebrate our girl’s birthday. We jammed out to her birthday mix CD the whole way home!


Our 5 Month Boy

Our boy Brax is 5 months old now! I feel like this month he is really seeming less like a newborn and more like a baby. His little personality is really shining through, and he is becoming much more interactive with us (Kinsie is loving it!)


Updates at 5 months:

  • Brax is discovering his voice by squealing and squawking all day long.
  • He is starting to have a more consistent bedtime and is (usually) sleeping through the night very well.
  • He still spits up all the time. He doesn’t seem bothered by it though!
  • He is possibly teething. We haven’t felt any teeth pop through yet, but he is slobbering everywhere and chewing on things like there’s no tomorrow.
  • He is starting to get distracted while eating…therefore, he and I usually have to go in another room for his meals (this is a bit harder to do if its just me and the kids!)
  • He is rolling from his back to his belly ALL THE TIME. As soon as we lay him on his back, he flips within seconds.
  • He loves it when Kinsie talks to him and he laughs at everything she does.
  • He has had his first solid foods. So far he has tried pears and peaches and he loves them both. Kinsie loves feeding him his baby food!
  • He is now sleeping in his crib exclusively.
  • He enjoys his Baby Einstein bouncer.

iphone-september_108 iphone-september_121



brax_5months-1-6 brax_5months-1-8

I wonder how long they will love on each other like this!


Happy 5 months, my sweet boy!