Three and Thriving!

My baby boy is three. THREE. It still doesn’t seem possible to me. He was just a baby when we moved to Arkansas…not even walking or talking yet. Now he’s a loud, crazy, hilarious, stubborn toddler running circles around us. He has made incredible gains in his maturation and development this year. He’s still a bit clumsy, but he can run, jump, and climb like a beast. He has an incredible vocabulary and never really stops talking (just like he sister…between the two of them, there is literally no air time). Looking back at pictures and videos of just a year ago, it’s amazing how much he’s changed. However, he’s still our goofy, giggly, wild little boy!


Here are some stats about Braxton at three years old…

  • Favorite color: Blue
  • Favorite animal: Gorillas
  • Favorite food: Chicken nuggets and any and all snacks
  • Favorite TV shows: Team Umizoomi and Puppy Dog Pals
  • Favorite movies: The Lion King and Dumbo
  • Favorite books: S is for Superhero, and Hulk to the Rescue
  • Favorite songs: Come Alive (from The Greatest Showman), and The One I Love (by Tyrone Wells)
  • Other songs he enjoys singing: Jesus Loves Me, ABC’s, The IU Fight Song, Old McDonald, and Baby Shark (you know…the essentials)
  • He wants to be a doctor and a superhero when he grows up.

Other Fun Facts about our boy:

  • Kinsie is still his best friend. However, he knows exactly how to push her buttons. He loves to do whatever she is doing, and hug and kiss all over her…but his favorite thing to do with her is wrestle her. Usually they wrestle under control for a few minutes, then he takes it too far and begins “Hulk smashing” her, and someone usually ends up in tears! They go through phases where they get along great and play nicely together, or other times where they can barely be in the same room without fighting. Typical siblings I guess!



  • He loves school and his teacher, Ms. Lina. He went through a few phases where he would cry when I dropped him off, but overall he has done great and always has fun! Below is a picture of him with his class full of boys. And yes…he is the shortest one in his class. In his defense, he is the youngest as well. Most of these boys already turned 3 last fall. We are hoping Brax eventually gets some height from his Uncle Nate!Brax-school


  • He is very well potty trained. I know I discussed this in another post, but he was actually very easy to train. He usually still sits on the potty, but is now working on standing up like a big boy so he is ready for the 3’s class next year at school. He has been great at going potty on the go since we are constantly going from place to place. When Kinsie has t-ball, they only have port-a-potties, so we’ve brought along his potty chair in the back of the car. He is a champ about just going with it!


  • He’s definitely still a mama’s boy, and loves to be my little sidekick…but he adores his daddy. He is becoming more aware of the fact that Daddy works a lot, and he really misses him when he’s gone. Whenever Daddy is home, he is hugging all over him and constantly wanting to play superheroes or play fight.


  • Like I mentioned before, his vocabulary has increased tremendously this year. Last year he was talking better, but we had a tough time understanding everything he said. Now we understand most of what he says. He even recently starting saying “Kinsie” accurately, where before, it sounded like “Ti Ti.”
  • He recently gave up both his pacifier and naps. I’m very excited about no more paci… not so excited about no more naps!
  • He absolutely loves being outside. He could spend all day at the park if I let him!


  • His current obsession is superheroes. It’s all he talks about. He knows all the Avengers by name, and talks about them as if they are his close personal friends. The Hulk is his favorite!


Below is a picture that Kinsie drew for Brax for his birthday. It is the Hulk holding a birthday cake, and a number 3 (even though it is backwards…it’s the thought that counts!)


  • He loves reading and puzzles. He can memorize long books and recite them word for word. He can also do a 36 piece puzzle by himself!Brax-bookspuzzles

  • Like his sister, he has really started to love drawing, arts, and crafts. He has become pretty good, and we can actually somewhat tell what he is drawing! Brax-drawing
  • He is one of the most stubborn children I have encountered. This has caused for some major power struggles and temper tantrums that have tested my limits. However, he seems to be improving. We are working on making him aware of his behavior, and how he can do better. We have a “Nice Boy” chart where he has to be a good listener and be nice to his family in order to get special rewards. So far it is working pretty well!
  • He is literally either snuggling with us, or wrestling with us. There is no in between!


  • He is very picky about who he lets in his inner circle. Once you’re in though, you’re in for life. Speaking of which, he is very close to all of his family…grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. With us being out of town during these crucial memory-making years, we have really made it a priority to visit, Facetime, and even look at pictures and videos of family so that he always knows who they are.
  • He has become very aware of the fact that we live far away from everyone. Kinsie has already gone through this, and she has actually gotten better. Now Brax struggles when we leave Indiana, or when family leaves us from a visit. He adores his cousins and is happiest when he’s with them!




He is definitely a unique kid. We call him our sour patch kid…he is either sour or sweet, with no in between! He makes us laugh every single day. It’s hard to look at him and not just want to kiss his sweet little cheeks! Even though he can be a total stinker, his sweet side draws people to him. We all adore him and are loving watching him grow into the unique little person he is!

Happy 3RD Birthday, Braxton Robert!! We love you to infinity and beyond!!

Brax is ONE!!!

My baby is one. ONE. How is this already true? I feel like he was born YESTERDAY. I went back and read his birth story today and cried and wallowed in my nostalgia. I remember every last detail about the evening before and the morning he was born. The intense thunderstorm that cleared the roads for us to drive to the hospital, my water breaking as soon as I crawled into bed, feeling completely exhausted and attempting to “rest” but not being able to because I was SO anxious…but most importantly, meeting my boy. My beautiful, perfect, 7 lb. 15 oz. baby boy that I waited not just 9 months, but my entire life to meet. I cannot believe that it was a year ago that we became a family of four. A year ago, my sweet little boy came into this world and wiggled his way right into our hearts.



Brax is very busy these days. He is always on the move and learning new things. Here are his ONE YEAR updates…

  • He is 22 lbs, 8 oz. (70th percentile) and 29.5 inches tall. (50th percentile)
  • He has 8 teeth. He doesn’t use them as much for chewing food as much as biting his loved ones. He finds it hilarious. We don’t.
  • He can stand independently for up to a minute…probably longer. It only happens when he is distracted and doesn’t realize he is doing it.
  • Some of his favorite hobbies include playing catch, eating, yelling, and wrestling with his sister.
  • He loves to clap his hands.
  • He loves to dance.
  • He hates naps (how did we get 2 children who hate sleep?)
  • He is learning to talk more and more every day. He mainly says “mom” and “dad,” but he loves babbling, yelling and hearing his own noises at a very loud decibel!
  • He loves touch and feel books, and even tries to touch the pages on non-touch and feel books.
  • Some of his favorite foods include blueberry waffles and mac and cheese.
  • He is learning what “no” means. You can see the little wheels turn in his head when we teach him when he shouldn’t do something. (Like eat dog food)
  • He is super ticklish…especially his toes.
  • He still loves bath time. As soon as we start the bath water, he books it to the bathroom and tries to climb in by himself.
  • He loves chasing the dogs and trying to grab their tail and paws. Koda runs away, Addie just licks his face.
  • Nobody can make him laugh as much as Kinsie can…they are the best of buddies and partners in crime!



To my sweet, one-year-old boy, Braxton…

I can’t believe you are one year old! We have all LOVED getting to know you throughout the last year. Every day, we learn more about you and fall in love with you even more. You are a crazy, loud, little ball of energy with an award-winning smile, making it impossible not to smile back. You haven’t let me have much quality sleep in the last year, and one day at home with you puts more steps on my Fitbit than if I ran the mini marathon…but I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything in the world. Your sister may pester you constantly, but she is your biggest fan. She loves having a little sidekick and putting on a show for you to make you smile. Your dad and I are obsessed with your sweet personality, and your precious giggle is our favorite sound in the world. We can’t wait to watch you continue to learn and grow into a little boy and see what amazing things you accomplish. I thank God every day for the amazing blessing that you are. I am so grateful to be your mom!


9 Months with Braxy Boy

The older my son gets, the more obsessed with him I become. He is becoming such an awesome little boy. He is already so much fun to hang out with. He completely exhausts me because he is CONSTANTLY moving, but I chase him around with a smile on my face and a heart full of love. His sweet little smile not only melts the hearts of those who know and love him, but even strangers that see him when we are out and about. Everyone he comes in contact with can’t help but smile back at him. He has made some major developmental strides this month and he is reaching milestones much quicker than his big sister did. He is already a little dare devil…trying to crawl, climb, and stand anywhere he can…and if he falls, he rarely cries, but instead gets right back up and is at it again!


Our Braxy Boy’s 9 month updates:

  • He is 18 lbs, 6 oz (25th percentile) and 28.5 inches long (75th percentile).
  • He is a pro at pulling up. He wants to do it ALL THE TIME.
  • He loves eating table food…especially mixed veggies.
  • He loves to make raspberry noises while eating baby food…resulting in a baby food shower for me at every meal.
  • He waves bye-bye (and it’s the most precious thing ever).
  • He can shake his head no.
  • He is obsessed with bath time with big sis.
  • He is talking more and more.
  • He is still a mama’s boy.
  • His favorite things to play with are all the fake kitchen food and dishes (particularly the chicken leg and the carrot).
  • He loves the “Hot Dog Song” on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
  • He loves to stand and climb on everything…everywhere…all the time.

iphonejan_55 jan-iphone_63brax


A common view of my little mama’s boy…


The progression of sibling story time

Kinsie and Brax are still the best of buddies. She (usually) plays very well with him, but is still learning that if her toys on are the floor, they are free game for him. I love the way she talks to him and she LOVES making him laugh (as you’ll see in the following video)


Seriously though…I’m obsessed! Happy 9 months Braxy boy!

Our boy Brax at 4 Months


Our sweet boy is 4 months old! He is growing before our eyes and I completely fall in love with him more every day. He is such a happy little boy, and we all just can’t get enough of him. It’s true what they say about the special bond between a little boy and his mama. He completely has my heart! Of course that doesn’t mean there isn’t enough of my heart to share with my Kinsie Kay as well!

Brax at 4 months…

  • He weighs 13 lbs. (10th percentile) and is 24.75 inches long (40th percentile).
  • He can roll from his stomach to his back, and is close to being able to roll from his back to his stomach.
  • He sleeps through the night (most of the time!)
  • He is still quite a spitter…he goes through about 10 bibs and 5 outfits a day because he spits up all over everything.
  • He has a crazy little bobble head. He never wants to rest his head, he wants to hold it up the best he can and look around at everything. He is getting more head control each day.
  • He is SO happy and smiley. He has his fussy moments, but overall, he is as happy as can be!
  • He has started to giggle out loud. It completely melts me.
  • He loves watching Kinsie and thinks she is hilarious.


August_iphone_49 August_iphone_34

IMG_5360 IMG_5353

IMG_5354 family-1-3


As you can see, we all are in love with this little boy!

3 Month Baby Boy


Our boy Brax is 3 months old! He is changing so much right before our eyes and we love learning more about him every day. He is turning into such a sweet and happy little boy, and he brings so much joy to all of our lives!

Brax is now getting to spend more time with my mom, Ryan’s mom, and Ryan’s aunt because Mama had to go back to work last week. He is doing wonderful with the transition from being with me all the time to being watched by other people. He and I both need our snuggles together when I get home though. I am doing better with the transition than I thought I would too! I definitely miss my babies during the work day, but it is good for me to have a break and get a chance to miss them too.

Here are some updates on our boy…

  • He almost weighs 12 lbs.
  • He isn’t spitting up as consistently. He will have a couple days in a row where he doesn’t spit up much, then a day where he spits up EVERYTHING.
  • He sleeps better with music playing.
  • He loves lots of stimulation and doesn’t want to miss any of it.
  • He is sleeping about 7-8 hour stretches at night.
  • He loves to suck on his hands.
  • He enjoyed his first swimming experience.
  • He is on a good feeding and napping schedule.
  • He is currently a mama’s boy. He loves staring at me and will sometimes cry when I leave the room.
  • He is such a smiley little boy.

Julyiphone_11 Julyiphone_57


Brax_3monthsphotos-1-4Brax_3monthsphotos-1-15 Brax_3monthsphotos-1-14


Our growing boy! Love him to pieces.

Two Months of Brax

We are on to Month #2 for our boy Brax! He has made a lot of progress in the last month, and he is starting to develop his little personality. Kinsie is still in love with him and we are all pretty well acclimated to being a family of four.


Brax’s 2 Month Stats:

  • He weights 10 lbs, 12 oz. (25th percentile) and is 23.75 inches long (80th percentile).
  • His reflux is doing much better. He still spits up A LOT…but isn’t crying all day and night due to stomach pain anymore.
  • He had his first social smile at 5 weeks old and now he smiles all the time!IMG_4816 copy
  • He loves to watch Kinsie play.
  • He recognizes voices…especially mine, Ryan’s and Kinsie’s.
  • It is still hit or miss on when he has good nights. He usually goes about 4-5 hours in between feedings at night, but sometimes he likes to stay awake for those 4 or 5 hours. Those nights are not fun.
  • He loves attention. He is very happy if someone just sits and talks to him.
  • He loves stroller rides.Walks
  • His favorite color is green according to Kinsie.
  • He is starting to discover his voice by cooing all the time.
  • He loves looking at lights and ceiling fans.
  • He takes his best naps outside.iphone_june_127



Kinsie “helping” take Brax’s pictures



They are pretty tight.


Happy 2 months my sweet boy!

One Month Old!


Our baby boy is already one month old! While it still feels like we just brought him home from the hospital, it also feels like he’s always been with us. His presence in our lives has become our new normal, so much that I forget what our old normal was like.

Brax’s little body is still getting adjusted to the world. He’s been having a lot of issues with acid reflux which makes for one fussy and spitty baby and two tired parents. He’s been put on medication to help with this, and I’m adjusting my diet a bit too, so hopefully he’ll get some relief soon. Also because of his reflux, he makes snorting sounds all the time. Kinsie thinks his snorts are funny, and says that he sounds like a pig! She is still obsessed with him to the point that I have to tell her to give him some space! She especially loves holding him, kissing him, tickling him, bringing him toys, and helping give him baths.



Since summer weather has finally decided to show up, Brax has already been on several adventures. We go to my parents’ house often to swim, and if it’s not too hot outside, he likes to sit outside with us and watch his sister swim. He’s also already been to the lake a few times. He loved his first boat ride and watching us fish off the dock. I’m sure it won’t be long before Kinsie is teaching him how to fish!


Here is Brax at a glance at one month old:

  • He currently weighs 8 lbs. 14 oz. (30th percentile)
  • He loves sleeping curled up in a ball on his daddy’s chest.
  • He has very strong legs and loves to kick them while I try to change his diaper. (Another future soccer player hopefully!)
  • He has a very strong neck and great head control for his age.
  • He can almost roll himself from his belly to his back.
  • He loves his pacifier, but when he’s hungry, he swats it away like nobody’s business.
  • He is very tolerant of his big sister being all over him and in his face all the time.
  • He eats often, and spits up what seems like everything he ate.
  • He snorts like a pig.
  • He has lots of fun facial expressions…my personal favorite is his surprised face.
  • Car rides relax him. He either falls asleep or sits calmly and looks out the window.
  • He is not good at burping. Sometimes we’ll try to burp him for 30 minutes and get nothing from him. Sometimes when he does burp, he still spits up!
  • He loves to be held.
  • He is awake a lot more lately. (Kinsie LOVES when he’s awake!)



mid-may_27 brax_12


Happy one month, sweet boy! I can’t wait to see how you grow and change each month!

Full of Laughs at 2 and a Half

My little girl had her 2.5 birthday not too long ago! Yes, my family somewhat celebrates 1/2 birthdays. We don’t go all out, but we acknowledge the day and sometimes have a small treat and present. My mom always celebrated our 1/2 birthdays, so my sister and I have tried to keep up the tradition with our kids. Kinsie’s half birthday falls on the same day as her Papa Tim’s real birthday, so we usually try to do some kind of little celebration for the two. This year, we all got together at Aunt Megan’s and Uncle Tim’s new house and had dinner and ice cream cake. Kinsie had a BLAST chasing their pup Ali around, and getting to see some aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins.


Whenever I do a development blog update on my girl every 1/2 year, I am amazed to look back and see how much has changed in the last 6 months. Her development has just exploded in every way. She is no longer a baby, and sometimes doesn’t even act like a toddler…but an actual little girl. She is spunky, sassy, stubborn, sweet and silly. She completely exhausts me, especially right now while I have little energy to start with, but I can’t even imagine my life without her sweet little smile!

Updates on Kinsie Kay at 2.5 years:

  • Kinsie is officially out of the crib and sleeping in a toddler bed. She is doing great, other than falling out here and there (and not even waking up in the process)!


  • She has been pacifier-free since last October.
  • She is still potty training. The process is taking longer than I expected, but I know that she’s slowly making progress. She definitely KNOWS when she needs to go, she is just too stubborn sometimes to stop what she’s doing to go sit on the potty. She does great at home, but has a harder time other places where she is usually playing more or with other kids.


  • She is in a major “mama’s girl” phase. This is unusual for her, because she’s usually very independent, and will happily go with anyone she feels comfortable with. She must sense the fact that the baby is coming soon, which makes me a little nervous for when he actually gets here. She still loves her daddy time, and loves playing with and climbing all over him when he’s home!
  • She has pretty much given up naps. The only time she’ll nap now is if she rides in the car in the late afternoon, then she passes out.
  • She has an unbelievable imagination. I love watching her when she plays by herself… she comes up with the most creative games and dialogue between her toys!


  • She speaks in full sentences that are (usually) grammatically correct.
  • She can count up to 20.
  • She knows all of the main colors and shapes.
  • We are trying to teach her the individual letters of the alphabet. She knows some of them, but usually she doesn’t have the attention span to sit long enough to actually learn them. Just lately she has had more interest in letters, asking what letter a word starts with, or asking for a word that starts with a specific letter.
  • Favorite colors right now: green and pink
  • Favorite animal: hippopotamus
  • Favorite foods: pickles, yogurt, and any kind of “snacks” (just like Uncle Ry Ry)
  • Favorite movies: The Good Dinosaur, The Land Before Time, Lilo and Stitch
  • Favorite song: The Olaf “Summer” song
  • Favorite books: Biscuit the dog books, “Gallop,” and “Waddle” by Rufus Butler Seder, and anything that incorporates Spanish
  • Her two biggest obsessions are Olaf and dinosaurs.
  • Currently in gymnastics class, and will start up soccer again this weekend.


  • She is officially signed up for preschool starting in the fall.
  • She loves “tattoos.” She is always wanting them on her hands and arms, and if we gave her as many as she wanted, she would have tattoo sleeves.
  • Other things she enjoys: Stamps, play-dough, playing outside, jumping, playing with her cousins, climbing on daddy, reading books



This girl brings us more joy than I ever thought was possible. I can’t even begin to fathom the added joy that will come when our little boy gets here in May. I pray that Kinsie adjusts well and will be the best big sister ever!

endofFeb_17  Feb_iphone_1


Kinsie at a Glance: 18 Months

It just doesn’t seem real to me that I have a 1.5 year old. But this is real life! My little ball of sunshine just turned 18 months old. Kinsie is too much fun to be around. Her little personality is infectious and she just makes life more fun. God blessed me more than I ever deserve when He made me her mom!

Life with a toddler is…in a word…exhausting! If anyone needs to lose weight, just chase my daughter around for a few weeks! She definitely keeps me on my toes. It has been a long winter being stuck playing inside with such an active child…especially with our tiny house. She only has so much room to run around, and only so many toys to play with (which is a lot…but she still becomes bored with them after so long!) Luckily she gets a change of scenery between our house and both grandmas houses. This girl has needed some fresh air, and she is finally starting to get it with the nicer weather slowly creeping back. Now that I’m on Spring Break, summer is already on my radar and I am counting down the days that I can spend all day with my little BFF.

Here are some updates on Kinsie at 18 months:

  • Her vocabulary is flourishing. She is becoming a little parrot and repeating everything we say!
  • She has a name for all the people she loves. We are Daddy and Mom.
  • She  knows all her animals and they sounds they make.
  • She knows all of her main body parts and can point to them.
  • Some of our favorite Kinsie words include:
    • “nack” (translation: snack)
    • “ish” (translation: fish)
    • “pup” (referring to any dog)
    • “yeah” (and sometimes “yyyep”)
    • “Cout” (translation: her stuffed bear named Scout)
    • “Animal” (really its more the way she says it that’s cute)
  • Her favorite book is Jump Pup.
  • Her favorite movie is 101 Dalmatians, which she calls “Pups.” I can’t even count how many times she’s made us watch it.
  • Her favorite TV shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Doc McStuffins.
  • She loves Elmo. We never introduced her to Sesame Street, she just kinda picked it up on her own. She always says his name in a high-pitched sing songy voice.
  • Her favorite foods are applesauce, pickles and cheese sticks.
  • Her favorite song is “If You’re Happy and You Know it,” and the ABC song.
  • She still loves bath time. As soon as she hears me turn the water on, she’ll stop what she’s doing and run in the bathroom screaming happily.
  • She still loves reading books. Sometimes she wants to sit on our laps while we read to her, and other times she likes to sit and read on her own (reading = talking jibberish on each page)
  • She loves playing doctor. Her daddy has taught her how to use the tools in her doctor kit, so she is constantly checking my ears, eyes and heart.
  • She is starting to really enjoy art. She loves coloring, painting, stickers, and stamps.
  • She has an unhealthy obsession with brushing her teeth. Grandma Bev bought her a bear that sings a song about brushing teeth, so now we have to listen to the song every time she brushes her teeth while we all dance around.
  • She loves kicking soccer balls and just started her first soccer class.
  • She is in the early stages of potty training. Whenever she is making her potty face and her grunting sounds, we put her on the potty. She is always so proud and loves waving bye-bye as we flush it down the toilet. We are working with her on telling us when she needs to go. Sometimes she tells us, sometimes she’s just too busy playing.
  • She is going through a mama’s girl phase. She has to always know where I am, she follows me around, and is constantly climbing and rolling all over me. Of course I don’t mind!
  • Whenever she plays with her toy phone, she is always calling Daddy.
  • She enjoys sneaking onto my phone and taking selfies. No joke.

iphone_winter_15_39 iphone_winter_15_25


Just sitting on the potty trimming her toenails!




science_day_53 science_day_54

science_day_59 science_day_48

I am not much of a selfie person, but who doesn’t like Kinsie selfies?


Those eyes!

lil kickers_collage
Loving her first Lil’ Kickers class


Waving to her fan club

Kinsie-18_months-1-39 Kinsie-18_months-1-4

Kinsie-18_months-1-6 Kinsie-18_months-1-40




Happy 18 Months our sweet sunshine!!

Kinsie Kay is ONE!

Happy 1st birthday to my little sunshine, Miss Kinsie Kay! I cannot believe it was one year ago today that my baby girl entered the world and completely stole our hearts. She has already become such an amazing little girl who is fascinated by the world around her, and we love watching her unique personality develop and change every day. She has never failed to brighten up each and every day that she is in my presence. The last 365 days have been an unbelievable adventure with our little bug, and I cannot wait to continue the ride!

Our little girl LOVES any and all kinds of animals. She chases around the dogs and loves watching our 18 fish (yes…18). Her favorite places to visit are the zoo and the pet store. We will probably end up with a zoo in our backyard someday.

Lately she has had a particular interest in bears. She has a documentary about bears that she watches and tries to climb the entertainment center to get to the bears on the TV!

Kinsie is a complete water bug. Whether it is the bath, the pool, the rain, her sippy cup..she doesn’t care. She loves it all.

Kinsie has become quite the little talker. She is constantly talking, singing and mimicking any sounds she hears. Her favorite words to say are polar bear, fish, yep, and bye bye.

Our girl has recently discovered a love for music and dancing. Anytime she hears music come on, she immediately starts dancing! Her favorite dancing song is “Elmo’s Song.”

Kinsie loves books. She gets pumped during story time before bed. She loves turning the pages, and she dances to the rhythms of the rhyming stories. We are hoping that her love for books continues as she gets older!

Kinsie is a great eater. She loves blueberry waffles, Hawaiian bread, and pretty much any kind of fruit. She has always been good at eating her veggies until lately, so now we are having to get creative and mix them in other foods. She eats way too fast (she definitely got that from her dad). We are trying to teach her to put one piece of food in her mouth at a time!

Like both her mom and dad, Kinsie loves to learn. She likes to watch and take things in. Whenever she plays, she analyzes everything and tries to figure out how it works. When she gets a new toy, she’ll inspect it, shake it, bang it against something else, and usually tastes it as well. Right now she is on a kick where she puts her smaller toys into a bucket, then takes them all out, then puts them in again.

Kinsie is a very social little girl. She loves to talk to people, wave to everyone, and is always making new friends. Anywhere we go, she makes lots of friends by showing off her sweet smiles, giggles, and waves.

12 months_9-2

12 months_19-2

ONE collage


kinsiekay-one_23-2   kinsiekay-one_33-2



KinsieisONE-82   KinsieisONE-75







Thank you to my sister, Krista for taking Kinsie’s 1 year photos!

Here is a video that summarizes the past year with our little bug. Enjoy!


12 months_17-2

Happy birthday, my sweet Kinsie! Thank you for the best year yet!

We love you!